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New Cognitive Therapy SUCCESSFUL WITH ADHD
New Cognitive Therapy Using Subliminal Audio Messages and "The Taylor Method" Prooves Successful with ADHD. A study by Eldon Taylor, Ph.D.

Research and research contributions regarding the patented 'Taylor method' also known as Whole Brain™ InnerTalk™ subliminal technology

The Use of Subliminal Auditory Stimuli in Terminally Ill Oncology Patients
The Effects of Subliminal Technology on the Remission Rates of Subjects with aTerminal Diagnosis of Cancer. Self-Hypnosis Programs for Cancer.

The Mirror Information Processing (MIP) Hypothesis: The Taylor Method
The Taylor Method Study of Processing Subliminal Information Through Forward and Backward Speech Resulting In A New Effective Techology For Self-Hypnosis and Audio Hypnosis Tapes.



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